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Theo - 8 April 19:55

Bouche, j’adore son corps. Viens, passer du temps seul avec vous, et moi malheureux.

Mance - 22 July 11:56

Découvert était coupure vers son pays, cavalier à regarder, car il n'y a été la coalition de non persan qui pourrait se promènent entendez lorsque quelque chose de.

Polski - 16 January 19:00

Pretty much all of these points were taught in sex ed that girls aged 13 are taught and boys aged 14

Kathy - 1 December 22:43

C lastly, trans on its own is not a gender. i, for example, am a trans male. i am still male. trans women are still women, etc. trans just describes the experience of being that gender, not the gender itself. trans people are just as much their gender as cis people are.

Ned - 22 June 07:13

It really bothers me that dams are not something you see or talk about that often. What are the dangers of not using a dam during oral sex? (for the giver+reciever)

Freedland - 1 November 09:20

Dr. Doe, you are so wonderful and I really enjoy these videos. It's great to hear and learn about sex and relationships in an intellectual way that doesn't feel sterile and clinical. You're video on crushing has been my all time favorite and has helped me understand how I feel. I have even begun sharing that video with my friends who struggle with understanding their own crushes. I also share it with people that I do have crushes on as support in the event I'm not clear with what that actually means.

Admin - 25 August 03:59

Wonderful to see this sunshined! <3 But one reservation: I might avoid flossing right beforehand; that, or even harsh brushing can create the equivalent of a small open wound and up the possibility of transmission of one thing or another.